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Silver the Hedgehog 2014 by Argos90
by Argos90

Well, it's certainly better than what trolls would make. An attempt is the best thing that anyone can do. Never listen to the backlash ...

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Sonic.msi by StarWars888
Sonic has fallen victim to the supernatural evils of the .msi.

If you haven't heard of .msi, see my other post:

Happy Halloween, everyone!
Outside Comfort (Sonic X Alicia) by StarWars888
Outside Comfort (Sonic X Alicia)
I might be wrong, but I think this is the very first SonAlicia picture on Deviantart.


*Alicia walks in*

Alicia: Sonic?
Sonic: What are you doing here!?
Alicia: Relax. I'm not armed.
Sonic: What do you want, anyway?
Alicia: Well first off, I want to talk. You see, Scourge spends a bunch of time with Fiona, and Miles always looks busy. I've become quite bored and I was hoping you could help me.
Sonic: In what way?
Alicia: Well... you know. *Starts rubbing her body*

*Sonic blushes as Alicia moves in closer*

Sonic: I'm not so sure about this, I...
Alicia: Just relax. You can trust me... can't you?
Sonic: I-I...

*Alicia puts her gentle hands on Sonics face as she embraces him in a passionate makeout. He thought about stopping her, but he liked it too much to do it. Slowly he throws his arms around her. A little later on...*

Alicia: Ahhhn... Oh god, that feels so good. Ahhh... <3<3<3<3

*Sally suddenly enters the room*

Sally: Oh my.
Sonic: OH SHIT!! This isn't what it looks like!
Sally: I wasn't expecting you, Alicia. You guys must have really gotten into it. *Blushes* Mind if I join?
Alicia: Looks like it's a threesome, Sonic.

*Sally joins in*

I finally created something with shading. I hope all those internet trolls are satisfied.

Smexual 2 by StarWars888
Smexual 2

Appearences (Left To Right): Carl Chryniszzswics, Dog, Heffer Wolfe, Spongebob Squarepants, Tom Kenny, Mayor, Chester, Scoutmaster Lumpus, Spyro

Qutoes: (Spongebob) How about a game of hang Squidward? (Mayor) Oh goody goody!, (Tom Kenny) Hi I'm Tom Kenny and I-- (Heffer) BUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP!! That was a hoot!, (Spongebob) PEBBLE!!! *Everyone screams followed by explosion*
SA2.5 - Rebel Story - Stage 07 - Interstate 0 by StarWars888
SA2.5 - Rebel Story - Stage 07 - Interstate 0
Story: Rebel
Character: Noah Bangs
Stage: 7
Objective: Find Rouge & run her off the road.
Music: Blacktop Fever by Deadbolt


*Noah's Semi Truck, Ol' Red, pulls into the city from the interstate (Design based off of the truck on the Deadbolt album, Voodoo Trucker)*
Noah: There's no time to waste. I have to make sure Tails isn't followed.

*At the halfway point of the level*

Col. Jack Grimm (Army Men): Have you found Rouge yet, Captain?
Noah: Not yet, but... wait. Something's coming up on the radar. Oh yeah, that's definitely her.

*At the end of the level, Noah t-bones Rouges car at an intersection, to which she is seen yelling at Noah as he passes by*
Noah: Sucker.

Ol' Red is a semi truck with red headlamps designed to look like angry eyes. The front fender has been sawed to look like teeth. There are skull and crossbones on the sides of the hood and a fiery skull grill ornament.

SA2.5 is a fictional addon for Sonic Adventure 2. I thought I'd just share an idea of mine.
I love making art, but I also want to help my family get out of debt.

If your able to, donate Bitcoins to this address: 1CrASf4Dx7xXb6wJAJENtxBqFBKf3Hiy8V


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Noah Bangs
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