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by Argos90

Well, it's certainly better than what trolls would make. An attempt is the best thing that anyone can do. Never listen to the backlash ...

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Ghost Pikmin
This idea has been stuck in my head since I first played Pikmin.


In one level, you'll run across a key named, The Haunted Key. Have your Pikmin retrieve it. They will bring it to a rusty gate with a fence around it and will unlock it to reveal a pathway covered by eerie mist leading into a forest that gets darker the further it gets. You now have access to a side level called The Wailing Woods, a forest with dead trees, spooky sounds, perpetual night, mist covered ground and paranormal/undead enemies. The first path you should take when arriving is the one that has a sign reading, Cemetery, as your ship AI will detect strong paranormal readings. Here you will find a small, fenced-in cemetery with a spooky-looking onion in it. It will drop a ghostly seed to begin with. When you uproot it, you will have acquired a deceased red Pikmin you've lost. The thing about Ghost Pikmin is that they're immune to damage and death, but only have the abilities of red, yellow and blue Pikmin, though the rest of the colors also show up in the onion. They are useful during boss battles.
Banzai and Yax - Up In Smoke
I should have waited until Zootopia came out to do this previous picture. This is an updated version.

This is is Disney made a version of Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke.
FWF Superstar: Noah Bangs
The Green-Haired God of the FWF. 2064 wins, 22 losses. Never once lost at a Pay-Per-View (Especially the grandest one, Fantasia).

Name: Noah Bangs
Nicknames: The Green-Haired God, The Green Flame, The Man of Countless Faces
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 302
Finishers: NKO ( Jumping Suplex to Neckbreaker), N-Twine (Jumping Swinging Sister Abigail), Noa Constrictor (Cross-Legged STF Full Nelson)
Gimmicks: 300 and counting
Alignment: Always Face
Tag Partners: Samuel Bangs (Brother), Zachariah McGillivray, Buddy Brown
Punchlines: Your God has risen! (Championship); As God said, I shall rain down my vengeance upon thee; Ye shall recieve divine judgement;
Fantasia Wins: 32 (Consecutive)
Current Theme: Let It All Bleed Out - Rob Zombie
I love making art, but I also want to help my family get out of debt.

If your able to, donate Bitcoins to this address: 1CrASf4Dx7xXb6wJAJENtxBqFBKf3Hiy8V


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Noah Bangs
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